UK Hosted VoIP Market hits 3 Million

Cavell’s latest research confirms that strong growth over the last 6 months has brought the UK hosted VoIP market to over 3 million users, making the UK the leader in Europe in terms of numbers of Hosted VoIP users. The research collected from 94 UK services providers confirms that the market has grown 11% in the last 6 months with a million further users connected in the last seven calendar quarters. A remarkable increase compared to the previous million users which took over three years.

Small service providers are taking a slow route compared to their larger cousins with growth driven by around ten key providers and the overall market share of these large providers increasing compared to their smaller competitors. Despite these optimistic figures, it is not all good news for the UK, as we continue to lag behind other European nations in penetration into the total user base. The VoIP market continues to be SME focussed (sub 50 users), although Cavell research shows more recent strong Microsoft growth in the 1000+ user enterprise space.

By comparison, the UK SIP Trunking is focussed on only 2-3 large providers and growth is not nearly as strong as it used to be. In part, this is due to the 2025 ISDN turn off date set by BT, which is too far in the future to make an impact on the market today. European ISDN Turnoff dates are in much more aggressive timeframes and are having a greater impact on buying behaviour. As a result, most UK providers have focussed on Hosted VoIP rather than SIP Trunking. Cavell speculate that the SIP Trunking market would boom and grow if BT was proactive and started to migrate some of its ISDN base to IP.

Some things are changing; packaging for simplicity, and to deliver greater control of customer accounts and so maximise profit is becoming more prevalent. Contact centre capabilities are beginning to be demanded by customers and as a result are being built into provider offerings. Cavell are seeing the emergence of different types of service providers with differing approaches to the market.

Market information and forecasts are for Service Providers and Vendors to understand how to position in the market and what investments to make. The reports are out now – click here for more details.

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