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Cavell DNA

The Cavell Difference – People, Experience & Attitude

Cavell was formed over 12 years ago by a team of Senior Executives, who had been instrumental in building the early Internet market both at UUNET & Level 3.

Mike Graham - Director

Cavell’s original heritage was working with Service Providers and also the Vendors who served both our customers and other Service Providers. Our initial customer base was companies such as Verizon and Juniper but over time our business has spread its reach to also serve large Enterprises and Public Sector organizations as well. We have now served a multitude of customers in over 35 countries globally in the 12 years since Cavell was formed. In January 2012 the business merged with illume Consulting, which had been a long-term partner of Cavell. By merging with illume, Cavell acquired a "Research" capability and extended its customer base and consulting capabilities.

Gail Smith - Director

We are doers as well as thinkers, with front line experience of managing through up-turns and downturns.

We have run substantial international businesses, have launched successful start-ups, designed, implemented and activated several of the largest IP infrastructures in EMEA, and have managed both organic business expansion and mergers and acquisitions. The Cavell Group has extensive experience in all commercial and technical aspects of management in communications. 


Matt Townend - Director

Over the years Cavell has always kept current with the latest technological trends, and is now seen as a center of both Market knowledge and technical Expertise in the fields of IP Networking, Content Distribution, VoIP, Cloud, Mobile Data and Smart City Technology.

Although having been established for well over a decade the business is still working on cutting edge projects in new market areas.

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