Interim Management

Cavell is built upon a associate model where we have a large pool of specialists who we bring in for certain projects. We are regularly contacted by customers who are looking to bring in an individual for a short term contract as the company is not looking to fill the role permanently but needs some onsite expertise for an extended period of time. 


"We have found illume a great source of market research on the VoIP market & provider of skilled interim product staff when we have needed them"

Richard Bligh, Group Marketing Director - Gamma Telecom

As we have contacts at many of the top service providers and vendors around Europe, we are also often contacted by individuals who are looking to move careers or looking for a new challenge and in a few cases, these individuals will work on some projects with Cavell if there is a need for their expertise.

By using our pool of associates and contacts, we are able to delver interim management teams or individuals who are highly skilled, have vast experience in running teams, launching products or come with a deep technical background. 

Please get in touch if you are looking for a interim manager or if you would like to be considered for work with Cavell, either as an associate or to be put on our list of potential managers.



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