Sales Transformation

As the industry moves to a cloud and unified communications business model, traditional Sales and Channel models for both Service Providers and vendors alike are being fundamentally changed. We observe Service Providers promising to transform their customers businesses with new UC and Cloud services, but yet still using the same sales and channel approaches.


 Matt Townend - Director

"As the market moves to Cloud & UC services, Vendors and Service providers alike need to understand the biggest challenge is not a technical one, but how we transform our Sales and Go-to-Market approach to succeed"

Our Thought Leadership on Sales Transformation


Cavell believes often the answer to being successful with new services is not a technical challenge it is normally a go-to market and sales transformation issue. Cavell provides its clients with a range of services from Sales and Channel strategy support to more practical issues such as; Sales Training, Channel Profiling and creation of specific sales & pricing tools.

In terms of strategy we have helped clients review their propositions and target markets to ensure their messaging and channel strategy is appropriate to their objectives. We have also undertaken sales audits to understand the current skills and put in change programs to either train or recruit appropriate skills into the relevant structure and provided interim staff to ensure momentum.

One of the areas of work we under take a lot is Channel Profiling. In these projects we help Service Providers & Vendors identify and target key partners for their services. This often includes initially looking at their proposition compared to the market and competition, identifying the most appropriate channel approach and then scanning the market for the ideal partners and providing detailed profiles that they can use to target these channels.

Cavell’s team includes consultants who have held senior sales roles and undertaken such transformations themselves, so the combination of this knowledge and the knowledge of the market areas enables us to offer a unique set of services that can bring measurable results.


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