Service Strategy & Creation

Service Providers have to deal with more change now than ever with the rise of new service and operational models such as Cloud, IP Voice and SDN. During a period such as this customers often do not have the resources or the correct skills to be able to react quickly enough to the market opportunity. Cavell can give them the competitive edge by providing both strategy and service creation advice.


"We have worked with illume on both commercial due diligence & product strategy projects. The team have always displayed excellent market knowledge and professionalism ­ there are few that know the market better."

Alastair Mills, CEO – 6 Degrees Group

Cavell has a well-established approach to both service strategy and creation that helps us accelerate the delivery of any project. Most projects start with a Market Assessment stage where we can pull on the expertise of our research division to help complement any existing insight the customer might already have acquired. In the Market Assessment stage we may also build a market model to better understand the segmentation and opportunity and this can often become a key driver to a business case. 

Having gained a clear understanding of the market, we begin an assessment of the current portfolio and operating model, to put any strategy in the context of both the market and current capabilities. With this knowledge of the market and the current capabilities we would then work on proposing a Service Roadmap and Strategy which highlights new services, target segments and any needed changes in the clients Operating Model. We then focus on a Service Creation project for a defined service that has been identified in the study.

With some customers who are already clear on the roadmap, we are brought in directly to the Service Creation stage. During service creation we create a complete service concept including positioning, pricing and business case assumptions. We can also create detailed requirement and descriptions documents, as well as any go to market material and tools needed. Service Creation projects usually also include development of the financial business case model.

The above approach is backed up by senior consultants, who have all held senior Strategy and Product Management roles in leading Service Providers and can bring the experience of walking in our client’s shoes.

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