Summit Podcast

Welcome to our Summit Podcast series! 

In the run up to the Cloud Comms Summit we will be running a series of podcasts with some of our key speakers touching on some of their views on the current market dynamics. Listen to get a flavor of what to expect from the event, and if you like what you are hearing make sure to book your Summit ticket & join us!

In this episode we're happy to be welcoming Dave Dadds, CEO for both Uboss.com and VanillaIP, who has a very interesting perspective on the Cloud Market when it comes to delivering Multi-Tenant Hosted Services.


In our second episode we're happy to be welcoming Alan Foy, the new CEO of StarBlue following the merger of Star2Star and Blueface, the latter of which he has been leading since 2010. Matt and Alan discuss the key differences across the global market as well as key product areas in the world of cloud communications.


In this introductory episode, our host Matt Townend talks to guest Michael Quinn, the founding partner of Q Advisors, about the changes in trends concerning consolidation, and supplier and service-provider deals.