Cavell Group/ITSPA Mobility Dinner

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Cavell Group and ITSPA will be holding an industry dinner* on the 1st of November at a venue in central London.

This year's dinner will focus on the next generation of mobility and the growing expectations from many in the industry that mobility will become ever more important for end customers. The discussion will be led by Matt Townend, Director of Research and Consulting at Cavell Group and topics discussed will include:

  • How can you offer mobility to end customers?
  • Do you need network assets and how can you get around this, e.g. MVNOs etc.
  • Will the industry go mobile only? With some providers going with a mobile first approach, how can this be done in the future?
  • What is the future and value of offering fixed handsets?




1st November 2017, from 6.30pm onwards
The Alphabeta Building
14 Finsbury Square
London, EC2A 1AH
*Three course meal and drinks

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