Practice Areas

About Practice Areas

Although Cavell has four separate lines of business, most of the work that is undertaken can fit into one of our three practice areas. Most projects that Cavell delivers utilises more than one of our lines of business: It is our ability to deliver across these three areas with proven experts that sets Cavell apart from the competition.


Future Voice

The Future Voice practice leverages all of Cavell’s capabilities as a knowledge based provider. As thought-leader in this area, Cavell is able to deliver projects from the primary research phase to deployment of service. 


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Future Networks

Our Future Networks team designs and implements the networks of the future for our customers. Our engineers are training on numerous vendors equipment and can also train customers engineers to be the same.


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Future Cities

Cavell works with various companies to look at the commercial and technical challenges to the way that residents, businesses and municipal organisations will coexist in the cities of the future.


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