Practice Areas

Future Cities

In the last decade we have seen both Municipal Authorities, Service Providers and technology vendors focussing on creating “Smart Cities” that use technology to create new urban services & enhance the quality of existing ones. Smart city services look to reduce costs and resources alongside engaging more effectively with its citizens.

A lot of these developments have been with new cities in the Middle East, Cavell have been working with both Municipal Authorities and Vendors in the Middle East over the last decade helping to develop these new cities.

Cavell has been involved both in the development of Future City strategies and business cases as well as development of specific services that can be deployed in Future City environments. We have also worked specifically with Service Providers who are keen to understand how to develop and execute partner strategies to participate in the development of Smart cities. Often the operating and business model for smart cities need the involvement and participation of multiple stake holders including Service Providers, technology vendors and Service Providers, Cavell have great practical experience of working on such models with cities in the middle east.

Cavell’s Technical Services team have also been working specifically with partners in the Energy Management sector to develop and deploy services. One such partnership was with Joulex (purchased by Cisco) who we developed and deployed energy management service with in Benelux.


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