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Future Networks

Networking is undergoing a period of major change as both end user demands and technologies change and advance. End users are expecting to work anywhere, requiring more applications and capabilities to be able to be delivered from the cloud, whilst also demanding mobility within their own office environment.

At a service provider level we are seeing the requirement to react to this new cloud enabled world, by delivering IP access and Data Center infrastructure & services that can support the increased demand. Service Providers are also now in the process of decommissioning their traditional PSTN Voice networks and moving to one IP Core network. We are seeing enabling technologies such as Software Defined networking, IPX, Virtualization and other access technologies that are helping to elevate these pressures.

Cavell is ideally positioned to help Service Providers and large enterprises deal with these pressures, our consulting and technical teams have helped Service Providers, Public Sector organizations and Large enterprises both understand their future architecture but also helped implement these new technologies and services around the world. As well as our highlight skilled engineers and consultants we also have a technical training team that can help you up skill your own teams.


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