Practice Areas

Future Voice

The Future Voice practice leverages all of Cavell’s capabilities as a knowledge based provider. As thought-leader in this area, Cavell is able to deliver projects from the primary research phase to the deployment of services. Our Research and consulting teams envisage and evaluate the project, and then our Professional Services team delivers the technical expertise and engineers to make the project a success. 

The foundation of the 'Future Voice' practice is built upon the research that illume research (a wholly owned subsidiary of Cavell for the past three years) has conducted over the past ten years on the Hosted VoIP and SIP Trunking markets in the UK and more recently Europe. Matthew Townend’s position in the market as the ‘Voice of VoIP’ and one of the leading analysts in the telecommunications industry has been built by his vast contact list in the industry, market leading research reports and bespoke analysis on the telecommunications market.

Many of our research projects lead onto larger consulting projects as our customers require our expertise in applying their newfound knowledge to their business's current or future situation. All of Cavell’s Management Team come from senior roles in Service Providers, and have been heavily involved in running successful teams and businesses and this is reflected in our consulting capabilities. Cavell runs a wide range of projects concurrently across the globe to a varied base of customers. Cavell are uniquely positioned as we are able to bring in industry and subject matter experts from our global team of Associates to help with our customers requirement - regardless of location or subject area.


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