Professional Services

Advisory Audit

The Cavell team has an excellent methodology, process and track record in providing advisory audits. Within our structure we are able to provide audits and advisory for the following areas.


Mike Graham - Director

"Advisory and Audit of a customers network is key to the success of a companies IT infrastructure"

  • RFI/RFP creation
    • Audit the current status (technical, operational, services, cost & commitments, maintenance agreements and SLA's) and inventorize the future requirements. From this create a strategy and documentation set to be used to place a Request for Proposal (RFP) to suppliers.
  • Problem identification and stability creation
    • Audit to review a network, datacenter or service for its stability, resiliency and operational effectiveness. This will create a clear picture for your technical staff and management on the current situation, identify 'high/medium/low' risk area's and provide advisory (up to configuration detail) on how to improve resiliency and stability.
  • Restructuring and (cost) optimization
    • Audit to review cost, supplier strategy, utilization, architecture. This will provide you with a report on what can been done to ensure that your infrastructure gains the advantages of new supplier, services and technologies.
  • (VC) due dilligence
    • Audit to review technology, staff cost and strategic positioning

Case Study: MPLS network Audit & assistance for a European Port - Read More






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