Market Assessment and Modelling

Cavell's expert experience of assessing new markets is often called upon as customers look to segment and gain insight into new market opportunities. Cavell has done assessments and produced market models, both in established European markets and emerging Middle Eastern & African markets.


"When you are thinking about the UK SIP and Hosted VoIP Market, Cavell are the instant choice for the best insight and market intelligence"

Jon Nowell, Head of Product Management – TalkTalk Business

Market Assessment

Cavell brings expert capability and experience to any Market Assessment project it undertakes. We combine extensive global knowledge, our own published research and expert analysis skills to projects, giving a unique insight into the market opportunity. The team has senior management experience in the industry so they can interpret the data in the context of the real issues in the industry.

Market Modelling

Cavell's expert modeling capabilities and experience help our clients interpret the data and create scenarios to analyze. Our assessments of markets and future forecasts are regularly used by both large Telcos and smaller enterprises to set their targets for the future. They are also used by private equity firms and other companies outside the industry when they are looking at sizing the market, either to look to buy a company or to assess their position in the market.







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