Research Overview

Cavell's research practice was founded in 2005 (under the name of illume research) to help companies dealing with the issue of rapidly changing telecoms, technology and media markets. Cavell is particularly well known for its research around Future Voice, being the go to source for Data on SIP Trunking and Hosted VoIP markets



"If you were on TV and in the Who Wants to Be A Millionaire hot seat with Chris Tarrant having just asked you a question on SIP trunks there would be no doubt who my phone a friend would be – Matt Townend of illume research"

Comms Business Magazine

Cavell's main focus for its research is on the new market opportunities enabled by the move to next generation network technologies, with a main focus on Future Voice services such as Hosted UC, SIPT and IPX. Cavell has also done bespoke research on Future network & Future City technologies including: CDN, SDN and Mobile Data. Cavell's research is based on practical knowledge and strong supply side relationships. Combined with comprehensive modelling & research techniques, this process provides a unique picture of the market which cannot be found in other generic research.

Matthew Townend founded illume having been disappointed by the research and consultancy available to players in the market; he particularly found the '1000-foot view' of most analysts and Consultancy companies to be of limited value. Cavell having researched the SIP and Hosted VoIP market for over 10 years have based their research on unique supply side approach by going out to Service Providers every 6 months to collect direct data on how the market is performing. 

From its initial formation Cavell has built a strong reputation and customer base, by offering practical advice and research delivered by people with real life experience of the markets they are advising on.

The Cavell research team is actively involved in the markets it operates in and plays an important role in helping our clients build relationships with new partners  customers. We are often a source of comment for press articles and are regular speakers at many conferences.





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