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The Communications Platform as a Service Market

"Market Opportunities for Service Providers”


At Cavell we focus on transformational issues and as we are in a very interesting period of Digital Disruption in most markets, with businesses utilising digital technologies to develop new business models that affect the value proposition of existing goods or services, this report has been created to provide Service Providers with a view of the market dynamics and opportunities in the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market.

Large scale companies like UBER, AIRBNB & WhatsApp have communications at the very heart of their business, therefore one would expect that the existing large wholesale and retail Telcos enable these models and prospering from their success. However, it seems Telcos are missing out on the opportunity whilst CPaaS providers like Twilio act.

Co-authored by Matthew Townend, Director of Research & Consulting at Cavell, and Mike Wilkinson, one of the most respected senior marketing figures in the Technology market, the paper addresses why the longstanding traditional Service Providers have not been able to embrace this opportunity, and what they might have to do in the future to be relevant both to these global players, but also to their traditional Enterprise customers.