Juniper Network Authorized Education Partners

Cavell is a specialized JNAEC that provides support to the JNAEC network.  We do not compete to offer courses directly to students.

We provide:

  • Skilled multilingual JNCI’s that are authorized to teach a wide range of courses (JNDF, JSDNF, NACC, IJOS, JRE, JIR, AJER, JEX, JSEC, AJEX, JTNOC, AJSPR, JMV, JCOS, JMR, J-IPv6)
  • Labs rentals for standard courses (IJOS, JRE, JIR, JEX, JSEC, AJSEC, AJEX, AJER, JIPv6)
  • Webinar Platform.We combine our unique lab capabilities with a web teaching platform to cost effectively offer courses for up to 100 participants. Over 6000 students have used this platform which can be white-labled to your needs
  • Custom course design and instruction
  • Voucher programs for Juniper Remote – that can be used for sales and marketing campaigns, for large scale webinars, and for extra practice time for students of standard courses.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive our instructor and rental rates and proceedures for booking the labs and instructors.