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SDN is moving faster than previous networking advancements. Some teams are already deployed and monitoring while others are just starting to ask about SDN and how it will help. SDN Essentials can help everyone’s team make training and learning all the acronyms, vendors and protocols less daunting. We offer a variety of open enrollment classes and onsite instruction, so go ahead and ask us what on-demand network programmability means. We’ve got the answer.

SDN Overview - Book now

This 1 day class with 75% lecture and 25% lab that gives a background on SDN architecture, definitions, and where the industry is heading. This class has been designed to serve a variety of audiences from sales, project managers and network engineers.

SDN for Network Engineers - Book now

This 2 day course is 50% lecture and 50% lab work. We invite network engineers who want to learn more about SDN and get a little hands-on practice building a SDN network, and controlling that network with policies and flows.