SDN Overview

SDN Overview Classes

The SDN overview class is a 1 day class with 75% lecture and 25% lab that gives a background on SDN architecture, definitions, and where the industry is heading. This class has been designed to serve a variety of audiences from sales, project managers and network engineers.



Cavell can adjust start and stop time depending on location of enrolled students. If you are enrolling multiple people, you will need to have their shipping address. Course materials will be shipped prior to the start of the event.

Class Description Outline:

  • SDN History
  • SDN Definitions
  • Why SDN (Technical and Business Drivers)
  • SDN Related Technologies (NFV, Openstack and overlays)

 Lab 1: Setting up your network with mininet

  • SDN Controller Overview and Anatomy
  • OpenFlow Overview
  • OpenFlow Basics

 Lab 2: Using Floodlight and Avior

 Lab 3: Using ovs-ofctl, REST APIs and Wireshark

  • SDN Camps:SDN Evolution
    • Open SDN
    • SDN via API’s
    • SDN via Overlays
  • SDN Vendors
  • SDN Start-ups
  • SDN Industry

  • Use Cases in the Data Center
  • Use Cases in the WAN
  • Use Cases in the Campus
  • Use Cases in Security 

  • Google WAN Case Study
  • NTT Inter-Data Center Case Study

  • Future Research on SDN 


 Intended Audience:

  • VAR Management
  • Pre-Sales Engineers
  • Network Engineers

Also Available On-Demand: If you would like this class delivered to your team on your campus, contact us to schedule and provide group pricing.

Cancelation Policy: Full-refunds will be given to registrants that cancel 6+ business days prior to the event. We'll do our best to help you reschedule as well. No refunds for registrants that cancel less than 6 business days prior to the event.  We reserve the right to postpone a course if a minimum of 3 students is not met.  We strive to give you as much notice as possible.

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