Voice of the Consumer report

Deep insight into how consumer’s view and interact with customer service, including how they feel about automation and the current quality of customer service.

voice of the consumer report

UK adults surveyed


believe customer service has gotten worst in last 3 years


want to phone a company to resolve urgent issues

About Voice of the Consumer report

Cavell has seen an increasing focus on customer service. The question of “how do we enable our customers to communicate best with consumers” has become relevant for the whole industry. Coupled with this, the CX market is undergoing rapid change with the onset of increased automation, and it is not all going smoothly. Cavell wanted to look deeper at this space, from the consumer perspective and find out what was working, and what wasn’t.

Our Voice of the Consumer report, goes directly to consumers in the UK and asks them what they think about customer service in 2024.

Key highlights

  • 79% of UK adults prefer to receive customer service from someone located in their own country

  • 45% of consumers have ignored an issue with a product or service because they would have had to interact with customer service

  • 33% of UK adults would pay for a ‘premium’ customer service add-on featuring benefits such as prioritised response, personalised service and a dedicated point of contact

Consulting and planning

Survey operation

Report creation

Our methodology

With over 15 years of industry research experience, Cavell has successfully deployed many quantitative and qualitative methods for surveying the thoughts of the industry. This consumer focused research is the latest in a long line of Cavell quantitative surveys utilising the best industry practices to survey a wide range of voices and provide insight from outside our contacts list. This survey was done following all guidelines for impartiality and anonymous responses to ensure a diverse and fair sample.

Combined with interviews, desktop research, and our bespoke consulting projects, Cavell has an unprecedented vision of what is happening in each individual market, both from a qualitative and quantitative perspective, enabling us to give you the best insight and ideas to make decisions.

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