Cavell provides the expertise that turns ideas into action.

The Cavell team have been in the telecoms and technology industries for most of our working lives and are passionate about exploring the ways in which new technologies can change our world.

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Inspiring our industry to do new things.

We are curious and inquiring. We enjoy learning for its own sake but what really motivates us is using what we learn to inspire our industry to do new things.

For some, this means developing a new service, harnessing a breakthrough technology or exploring new geographies. For others, it’s about supporting them with investing in upgrading infrastructure or acquiring other businesses. If you are looking to take your business in a new direction, Cavell is here to help you to navigate that journey and out-manoeuvre your competition.

The best feedback we receive from our clients is that we have surprised them (in a good way). This pleasant surprise comes from both our deep knowledge of their market and our ability to get to the crux of what they are doing in their businesses.

A third-party view allows you to think more clearly about your requirements and some additional bandwidth to help on challenging projects never goes amiss. Ultimately, it’s simple: you bring the ideas and we help you turn them into action.


Meet our leadership team

If you’d like to talk with anybody in the Cavell team, we’d love to discuss our work in more detail.

Michael Graham

Executive Director

Gail Smith

Executive Director

Matthew Townend

Executive Director

Dominic Black

Director - Research Services

Antonio Sardinha

Director - Engineering Services

Patrick Watson

Head of Research

Alastair Buck

Senior Consultant at Cavell Group


Our approach is very different to our peers. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

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Meaningful Experience

Our founders have all held senior roles in the pioneering businesses that built the Internet age. We have walked in your shoes. Our team works closely, every day, with your peers around the world, with advice and practical support to navigate challenges.

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Hands-on Philosophy

We are more than just consultants; as well as monitoring the industry, we also get hands-on with our clients. Whether it’s building the business case, physically rolling out a network or training your channels, we don’t just tell you what to do, we help you do it.

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Action Orientation

Our aim is always to provide actionable and practical insights that enable you to make positive changes to your business. In doing so, we also help to de-risk major investments and circumvent the pitfalls associated with any new technology ventures

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Practice Approach

Our practice approach allows us to take a client-aligned view to how we work. That way, if you want to introduce a new service, we can help you with the full lifecycle of development, launch and rollout. From cradle to grave, our practice expertise illuminates your path.

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Global Know-How

We are privileged to work with people like you across the world, discovering both similar challenges and local nuances. That means we can take what works in one market and apply it to others. Our learning is global so that you benefit from our broad worldview.

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Access to our Network

As well as our own services, we have associates around the world and a unique collection of connections that add value to our clients. Whether it’s through events or personal introductions, we’re always happy to help by bring in others to support your initiatives.

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“The bottom line for us is that what we do is about more than just numbers. By focusing our business on the practical challenges that our clients face, we aim to be a driving force for positive change in our industry and to change the way we all work and communicate”

Matthew Townend

Executive Director, Cavell Group

Ask us the blunt questions you care about and we’ll give you the answers you need.