Engineering Services

We deliver cloud networking and cloud security transformation for enterprise customers.

Our expertise ranges from network and security
design to software development and data science.

Our engineering services consist of the following three key elements.

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Cloud Network & Security Engineering

Our team has a proven track record of success delivering network and security transformation projects for very large organizations. We have expertise and extensive experience with the industry leading security and network technology vendors and with cloud service providers.

We typically assist our customers providing burstable engineering and project management resources for complex projects and time critical rollouts. We usually mix very senior architects with highly qualified back-office engineers in our projects, becoming very efficient and price competitive.

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Software & Data Science Engineering

Our Software Engineering teams design, develop, test, deploy and maintain software infrastructure for software focusing on data analysis and machine learning, including designing and building data pipelines, setting up cloud infrastructure, and developing APIs.

Our Data Science engineers provide data collection and cleaning; data storage and management in your cloud infrastructure; For data analysis and modeling: data visualization and reporting: we work with your experts to extract insights from the data.

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Cloud Networking & Security Operations

We support enterprises in improving the quality and efficiency of operations. This includes organizations on key activities, optimal organizational structure, and creating lab environments, “Digital twins”, for testing and teaching.

In the production environment we lead efforts to automate and orchestrate the operation. We develop custom visibility tools for specific operational teams and provide Tier 3 engineering support and support enterprises that want independence from global carriers but need elements of managed service.

To discuss your resourcing and technical validation requirements, speak to our experts.


We have helped hundreds of businesses.

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