Education Services

We enable your channel and customers with the knowledge needed to succeed.

We help build and deliver effective education services to accelerate your growth as well as upskill your technical staff with consulting and business value skills.

Our education services typically meet one of three key requirements.

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Channel Enablement

We design programs to quickly upskill the channel, as well as supporting your education team with multi-lingual instructors and on-line resources.

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Consultative Skills

We train your pre-sales and professional services teams in the art of consultative selling. The course allows teams to develop better people skills and focuses on linking technical solutions to business value and outcomes.

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Graduate Development

We help vendors develop the new breed of engineers needed to support their business. In a structured year long program we turn fresh computer science graduates into engineers with
professional level certification (eg. CCNP) capable of supporting NetOps or working in an account team.

Education Partners

Cavell in a certified education partner of Juniper and Aruba.



Cavell has almost two decades of training experience with Juniper. We deliver training courses on behalf of Juniper and in support of JNAEPs. Our courses are cost-effective, multi-lingual and led by JNCIs.



We support the Aruba channel through both education services and engineering services. Cavell is an Aruba Edge Connect (SilverPeak) authorized delivery partner and provides certified Instructors.

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Fuel organic growth, geographical expansion and channel effectiveness.

Channel enablement programmes

We work with your education program supplying
multi-lingual instructors, course development and on-line delivery. We also work with marketing teams to develop campaigns that drive adoption and accelerate certification.

Up-skilling your technical teams

Technical knowledge no longer suffices for client
facing teams. We work with pre-sales and professional service teams to enhance their ability to add business value.

Authorised education partner services

We provide skilled multi-lingual trainers in multiple countries to help build out your education network in EMEA.

To talk about your training needs and how we can enhance the skills of your team, book a call now.


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