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We work directly with hundreds of service providers just like you, all over the world, and have done for decades.

We enrich Service Providers' enterprise offerings

We work across the service provider value chain to transform your operations, make your services relevant, enable your channels and augment your enterprise account teams.

We draw on diverse functional backgrounds from product line management to sales to engineering and operations to form bespoke teams to support your transformation goals whether it be best in class technical account teams, new services, new geography, M&A or refining your operating model.

Relevant Services

Service providers will be most interested in the following services.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Providing bespoke teams to address your key business and technical decisions.

Solutions Architecture

Solutions Architecture

Ensuring high quality results with expert requirement gathering and design services.

Enablement Services

Enablement Services

Making sure your teams, your customers and your channels have the skills and tools necessary to succeed.

Highlighted Case Studies

See how our services delivered practical value to service providers.

Service providers ask us for advice, insights, and recommendations to meet challenges.

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Creating and improving service offerings

The challenges relating to adopting a new technology to develop new services can be daunting. We help with strategy definition, concept validation, business case building and board paper presentations. Our solutions architects support you with technical advisory, design and POC services. We evaluate impact on operating model and identify new skills, changes to organisational structure and needed tooling to effectively support the service.

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Strategic selection processes

Adopting a new technology platform goes well beyond technical evaluation and can cause a serious spike in analytical resources needed. To align the organisation before RFP issuance, we structure and moderate requirement gathering across all stakeholders, delineate the strategic choices, prepare management and board briefing as needed. We then manage the RFP process including RFP production, vendor interaction, scoring methodologies and workshops for final selection.

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Powering Go-to-Market

At any stage in your evolution, chances are you have existing/mature services upgraded. We review portfolios and help you develop clarity on positioning and message. We give insights on changes to the landscape. We augment your competitor insight and create battlecards and we train your teams, channels and customers on the necessary skills to adopt the new service.

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Augmenting Enterprise Account teams

Our solutions architects have global experience with the new cloud networking and security solutions. They also have years of experience in migration planning for complex enterprise transformations. They can augment your team in either pre-sales or post-sales professional services to accelerate the adoption of your offering.

Powerful Outcomes

The actions we recommend deliver powerful outcomes for your business. We also provide hands-on expertise to ensure successful outcomes and deliver tangible results that advance your position in the marketplace.


Delight Key Accounts

Success in the enterprise segment is built upon excellent account teams. The battle is won or lost in the skill of your pre-sales teams and quality of post-sales delivery.

There will be times when your team should be augmented in order to ensure customers get best possible outcomes. This may be driven by new technology, new geography, or complex customer situations like mergers and spin-outs.

Our account services include:

  • Enterprise solution architects
  • Pre-sales engineering and requirements gathering
  • Solutions design with POC and Pilot support
  • Migration Planning
  • Implementation and level2 support
  • Audits and targeted improvement plans
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Accelerate Revenue Generation

Time to market and time to revenue are key metrics for service providers. The faster a product is generally available in the market and generating revenue, the better. We are experts in helping to accelerate this process and aim both to reduce the impact of factors that can cause delay and speed up other activities, so you get to revenue more quickly.

We combine several or all of the following methods into a customised plan to get new services to market and generate revenues faster, thus improving both your top and bottom lines.

  • Better product concept definition
  • Closer alignment with customer needs
  • Aligning and augmenting delivery capabilities
  • Customised go-to-market planning
  • Training for sales and presales
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Effective Sales Channels

All our service provider customers have sales teams and almost all of them have indirect channels to market in place. Many operate on an international scale. It is a major challenge for most players in our industry to keep their sales teams up-to-speed with current developments and enterprise buying behaviour. Likewise, powering up new channels in new territories is critical for success.

With proper training, delivered around the world by experienced education professionals, we will help you to ensure that both your direct and indirect sales efforts are a success. After all, even if you have great products, you still need a great channel to market to beat your competition.

We develop channels to market and sales capabilities with initiatives including:

  • Channel accreditation schemes
  • Marketing campaigns for certification
  • Country market launch training
  • Channel onboarding and education
  • Sales training for sales teams
  • Consultation training for tech teams
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Enhanced Technical Capabilities

It’s unrealistic for service providers to have all the technical resources available in all the places they need them, all the time. Even then, if it was physically achievable, it would be financially ruinous.

Whether you are looking at building a brand-new network, need accredited engineers to help with an enterprise customer rollout, or need some one-time system architecture help, we have the technical resources to help.

We help our clients with the following types of technical challenges:

  • Solutions architects for key enterprise accounts
  • New service design and architecture
  • Complex network migrations
  • Visualisation and custom dashboards
  • NetOps teams to improve automation
  • Audits and targeted improvement plans
  • Graduate development and training
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Improved Operations

One of the things we all love about technology is that it’s always changing. That brings its own challenges, and it can be tough to align your organisation to the new realities. Between needing to merge security and operations teams, the continuing hyperscaler challenges, to the growing compliance and security requirements, service provider operations must continuously re-exam their operating model.

We help with:

  • Detailed Activity and competence mapping for new offerings
  • Integrating new platforms into OSS and re-thinking OSS approaches
  • Target offloading of certain operational tasks
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) assessments, targeted to non-EU MSPs (Managed Service Providers)
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