ContentInsightsBy 2024 the US cloud communications market will be worth over $18 billion

By 2024 the US cloud communications market will be worth over $18 billion

Cavell Group’s latest report confirms the US as the world’s most mature cloud communications market with more than 30 million users.

Cavell Group’s new US Cloud Comms Report reveals startling figures about the growth, size, and overall value of the US market. Cavell Group’s latest report confirms the US as the world’s most mature cloud communications market with more than 30 million users.

A new research report exploring the state of the cloud communications market in the United States is available now from Cavell Group. Cavell’s first quantitative research study, focused exclusively on the US market, has revealed dramatic data relating to the overall growth, size, and overall value of the market. Quantitative and qualitative research for the report was conducted throughout 2020 in conjunction with over 475 cloud communication service providers and technology vendors. Within the full reports 50 pages data forecasts show that the US cloud communication market revenue will exceed $4.8 billion per quarter by Q2 2025. The huge potential value in the US market is caused by forecast growth in its overall size, with the current market already covering more than 30 million cloud communication users. Head of Research at Cavell Group, Dominic Black, explained why the new report had been commissioned:

Our service provider and vendor partners in the cloud communications industry are keen to understand more about the US market's size and dynamics. With the latest report providers can expect to not only understand more about the market in terms of data – its size, value, and growth forecasts – but really drive actionable insights to help their businesses address customers within the market more effectively.
Dominic Black – Head of Research, Cavell Group

Using findings from Cavell’s latest research and surveys the report is able to outline some particular areas that will be of interest to cloud communications industry stakeholders. The report covers key areas including:

  • UCaaS market size and value -with a breakdown of user, minute, and VAS revenue
  • Penetration rate of cloud uptake within communications and within the overall employment base
  • Forecasts for market growth through to 2025
  • Comparisons with other relevant global markets, including the European market
  • Macro trends, including the impact of COVID, Microsoft’s growth in the industry, and M&A

Data alone can provide incredible insight, but combined with Cavell’s expertise in consultancy, the value to prospective customers can be even greater. If providers want to utilize Cavell’s analysts to help them gain a deeper understanding of the market, a wider strategy session is available, which also leverages Cavell’s enterprise study of 800 US businesses and its wider research on SD-WAN and the impact, threat, and opportunities associated with Microsoft Teams. With a well-established history reporting on the European cloud communications market, Cavell Group has invested heavily in this new US-focused report. The group’s Associate Director for North America, Myron Wallace, detailed some of the processes involved in commissioning such a study.

We have used a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods, including surveys and interviews with our service provider and vendor partners who are based across the US. This has allowed us to gain real insight into a number of key areas that our existing and prospective customers have been asking for insight in.
Myron Wallac – Associate Director for North America, Cavell Group

Working with the world’s leading service providers and vendors Cavell Group has more than 15 years’ experience guiding businesses through the cloud communications industry. The latest US report will be invaluable to stakeholders looking to better understand the competitive landscape, improve their go-to-market strategies, and explore growth opportunities.

Although the latest report is focused on the US market, Cavell Group has already received huge interest from existing international customers who are looking to better understand the US market. A growing number of European based service providers and vendors are looking to the US to improve their target market size and the Cavell Group report will help qualify that opportunity.

The full report, which elaborates on all of the above findings as well as a number of other areas relevant for both service providers and vendors, is available on enquiry to the Cavell Group now.

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Dominic is Director of Research Services at Cavell Group and is responsible for Cavell’s research output, which is focused on the cloud communications market, both from an enterprise, channel, service provider and vendor perspective.