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Cavell’s events offer an excellent opportunity for expert speakers, industry analysts and business leaders to connect and share their insights. Take a look at the events, physical and online, we have on a regular basis.

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Cloud Comms Summit Europe

Established by Cavell in 2015, the Cloud Comms Summit is the leading and largest vendor-agnostic event for Service Providers focused on the Cloud Communications industry.

The Europe-based CCS is held annually in person in London. During the lockdown, we took Cloud Comms Summit on a virtual tour of Europe, exploring key market insights, best practices, challenges and solutions in France, Benelux, Germany and Spain.

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Cloud Comms Summit US

Organised in partnership with  Cloud Communications Alliance, our US-based summit is held annually across a variety of locations in the USA, including Washington, Chicago and many more. 

Cloud Comms Summit US offers two days of unmissable insights and amazing networking opportunities for Service Providers in the Unified Communications space.

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Cavell Enable

Cavell Enable is our annual Microsoft-focused event, held in London and offering valuable insights and great networking opportunities.

Cavell Enable is a one-day event filled with experts sharing and exploring Microsoft’s diverse portfolio.

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Cavell Invest Summit

Invest Summit is an annual event, held in London and aimed at bringing the investment and cloud technology communities together for an afternoon of insights and networking opportunities.


Cavell Insight Series | Opportunities with Microsoft 2021

Cavell Insight Series was a virtual event focused on exploring Service Providers’ opportunities with Microsoft Teams and beyond. Cavell received increasing interest from service providers regarding Microsoft Teams and its potential in the market as an additional revenue opportunity. 


Cloud Networking Summit 2021

Cloud Networking Summit was a virtual event focused on big networking topics, such as cloud content ecosystem, SD-WAN for SME, and emerging enterprise network needs.

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Accelerating Operator Connect

A free webinar to dive into the world of Operator Connect and its potential growth in the communications industry.

With millions of Microsoft Teams telephony users set to be deployed by partners in the next three years, Operator Connect is a huge opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

The webinar brought together experts from within the Microsoft Operator Accelerator program to share their experiences and insights.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Cloud Comms Market

A free webinar on the The Impact of COVID-19 on the Cloud Comms Market.

Key topics:

  • What key changes COVID-19 has been driving in offerings from Service Providers and Vendors
  • How the cloud comms market is performing
  • What products customers are looking for
  • Key issues caused by the unprecedented surge in home working
  • What are the main network technology challenges
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The Impact of Microsoft’s Acquisition of Metaswitch

A free webinar on The Impact of Microsoft’s Acquisition of Metaswitch.

Key topics:

  • Why has Microsoft looked to Metaswitch to augment its existing portfolio?
  • How will this impact Microsoft’s communication and collaboration products?
  • What does this mean for Microsoft’s existing communication partners
  • How will the cloud communications market be impacted?
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Azure for Operators: What does it mean for Service Providers?

A free webinar on the Azure for Operators: What does it mean for Service Providers? (14th October 2020)

Key topics:

  • Breakdown of traditional operator models
  • Why Microsoft have launched Azure for Operators
  • Why would operators choose hyperscale cloud and Azure?
  • How might this impact the wider industry?
  • Telco of the future

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Free Webinar "Transforming enterprise security with SDWAN and SASE" featured image

Transforming enterprise security with SDWAN and SASE

A webinar in collaboration with IDG and Lumen.

Cavell has deep expertise and practical experience in Cloud Networking. We help enterprises put their transformation plans into action, working with both the business owners and the IT teams:

  • Relating market landscape and industry trends to your business value chain
  • Running or supporting supplier selection processes for either managed services or vendor platforms
  • Professional Engineering services for design, migration planning and if needed implementation
  • Audit and performance improvement planning for installed solutions
  • Assistance with strategy and planning



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