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Cavell continues efforts to train new generation of engineers

Over the past few years, Cavell’s Engineering Services team has successfully developed a 9-month internship program, which aims to shape a new generation of engineers, and therefore not only providing the workforce needed for the rejuvenation of our own internal capacity, but also in order to train new engineering talent for High Tech vendors.

The beginning of April marked the start of the third round of this training program, which consists of taking a number of highly motivated and enthusiastic students, primarily university graduates, through 3 phases of training, each unfolding over a 3 month period.

In the first phase of this process, the student builds his or her foundation of knowledge by undertaking intense study and a number of virtual simulation labs. This helps ensure the student proceeds to achieve the necessary industry-recognised associate level technical certifications.

After concluding this step of the program, during the second phase the student is required to choose his or her study-stream of work in which they specialise. In general, this represents a choice between three different tracks: Software Defined Network Engineering, Performance Management or Dev Ops.

The third and final phase entails the student continuing their studies, but concentrates more on shadowing engineers in real life situations in order to achieve professional level certifications. We find that this level of interaction allows the student to not only fully understand what their future role will imply, but also to gain further insights into the different challenges they will be facing and learn how they can approach certain practical scenarios with the help of the senior engineer’s direct advice and first-hand experience.

Excitingly, alongside this tried and trusted program, this April Cavell is also launching a new fast track internship of 9 weeks which focuses on preparing engineers to be ready for a particular vendor product.

With our rich experience and extensive knowledge in training, amounting 15000 students worldwide, as well as the depth and breadth of our engineering capabilities gained through decades of designing and building some of the largest networks in the world, Cavell sets out to help shape the next generation of highly efficient and reliable engineers. We are therefore able to provide you with a source of capabilities and the flexibility you require to meet demand for superior quality engineering services as and when this emerges.
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Michael is a Founder and Executive Director at Cavell Group, with over 30 years of senior and executive experience in the IT and telecom business.