ContentInsightsCloud Communications market has grown by 2.3m users

Cloud Communications market has grown by 2.3m users

Cavell’s latest Cloud Communications reports have been released which cover how markets in Western Europe and in the US have evolved over the last six months with a forecast looking out to how the markets will develop out until the end of 2026.

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Cavell Group release new Cloud Comms Market Reports

The growth statistics of Cloud Communications market
Cavell’s latest Cloud Communications reports have been released which cover how markets in Western Europe and in the US have evolved over the last six months with a forecast looking out to how the markets will develop out until the end of 2026.
With market data from over 800 service providers in these regions building up our market statistics, the latest reports give service providers, vendors, and channel organisation a deep insight into how each market is growing and evolving. Installed Cloud Communications UsersQ2 2022.

Growth has been held back in many markets

Coming out of the pandemic, the 2022 was forecast to be a growth year in many markets and although user adds have been significant, the impact of the war in Ukraine and inflationary pressures have lower business confidence and ongoing supply chain issues have meant that the market has not grown as quickly as forecast previously. The fundamentals of the market still remain with businesses across the globe moving their communications to the cloud at an unprecedented rate.

With vast differences between each geography, the country reports deliver granular detail on how cloud communications is being adopted, the drivers for growth and the providers executing successfully in the market. Penetration rates are on average 37% in the markets covered with some countries like Germany and France still very much behind other markets and others like the USA, UK and Netherlands ahead in terms of cloud communications penetration.

Cloud Communications solutions are being adopted across all markets but the opportunities in some markets are shrinking as penetration rates reach significant levels. The impact of the pandemic still is driving the market forward, but macro headwinds still remain. There is still huge growth forecast in the market with over 50m users migrating from legacy PBX solutions to cloud communications solutions by the end 2026.
Dominic Black - Director of Research Services, Cavell Group

What is in the reports?

The reports cover the market size, growth in number of users, penetration rates and revenue forecasts in each market, split into customer segment size to see how growth in SMEs and large enterprises is changing.

Pricing breakdowns cover the difference in basic, standard, and advanced licenses and pricing analysis against other countries and ARPUs to help providers understand how to price competitively and look at feature comparisons.

Along with analysis on how different platform providers market share is changing the reports also look at how key local providers and global competitors are performing in the market. With over 800 providers in our database (319 in Europe, 483 in the US), we have deep insight into who is operating successfully and why.

Each report also goes into detail on how the Microsoft Teams market is evolving with breakdowns by market on Operator Connect, Direct Routing, Calling Plans and for the first time a forecast on Operator Connect Mobile.

Individual reports and datasets are available on the USA market as well as reports on the markets in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. Wider datasets Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden are also available as well as a global view on UCaaS adoption.

The reports are available now. The reports also include time with Cavell’s analysts as well as excel datasets on each market.

About Cavell Group

Cavell Group is an EMEA & USA focused Research, Consulting, Engineering and Education Services business with offices in the USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and UK as well as remote associates worldwide. Cavell has built a strong reputation as leading Analysts of the Cloud Communications market, providing Strategic Consulting and Research in EMEA and the USA to Service Providers, Vendors, Manufacturers and Private Equity firms. Cavell Group was formed nearly 20 years ago, by a team of Senior Executives, who had been instrumental in building the early internet market both at UUNET and Level 3. Since 2003 the firm has delivered Consulting Services, Research, Due Diligence and Professional Services solutions in over 50 countries around the world.

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Dominic is Director of Research Services at Cavell Group and is responsible for Cavell’s research output, which is focused on the cloud communications market, both from an enterprise, channel, service provider and vendor perspective.