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The future of Customer Experience and its relevance to Unified Communication Service Providers.

Cavell Customer Experience Reports

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About Customer Experience Reports

In the last decade, we’ve seen the rise in CCaaS and its increased demand from changing end-customer requirements. As the UC market remains competitive, an excellent Customer Experience solution may be the key area for differentiation for service providers.

This report provides a clear narrative of the future of the contact center. It looks at provider roles and where they’re going; what providers see as their end customers’ emerging needs and requirements, and how they are planning to meet them.

Other topics covered include details of new features and functionality that are in the planning stages for contact center products and will be emerging in the future. This is furthered by details of how providers believe they will contribute to strategic goals and meet end customer CCaaS needs. We also share the challenges faced by providers in building out their products to meet this future vision.

Five key areas in the CCaaS Reports
  • Transition within the Cloud Comms landscape, how is the market changing?

  • Strategic role of the contact center in businesses

  • Enterprise customer contact trends

  • Channels and capabilities

  • CCaaS Pricing landscape

Interviews with Contact Center vendors

Enterprise survey of 450 companies

Independent market research & market analysis

UK focussed analysis of public pricing

Our methodology

We have undertaken this research to answer the key questions we have been asked in the last 2 years by our service provider customers. 

With our recent outreach to the industry in surveys and interviews and over 15 years of industry research experience and context, we have built a qualitative and quantitative perspective on the relevance of CCaaS for UC that is unparalleled. This report will give the best insight and ideas to make decisions on your CCaaS approach. 

Combined with service provider interviews, desktop research, vendor verification, and our bespoke consulting projects, Cavell has an unprecedented vision of what is happening in each individual market, both from a qualitative and quantitative perspective, enabling us to give you the best insight and ideas to make decisions.

Research Portal and Output

Reports purchased will be accessible through our research portal alongside white papers available to download and specific customer files.

Customer Experience Reports are comprised of an individual market report in PDF format.

We allow multiple users from your team to access files.

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Patrick Watson, Head of Research

Workshop with our Analysts

An Analyst workshop is an opportunity for the report specialist Patrick Watson, Senior Analyst at Cavell Group, to present the key findings from the research.

A workshop will provide additional context for the research and will highlight the most relevant sections to your company.

Our analysts stay up to date with industry changes and developments. Workshops with our team allow for a greater explanation of the research in the wider cloud comms industry and the chance to have your unique questions answered.

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