White-label engineering allows US company to grow globally

Client profile

San-Francisco based software and technology services provider. 

Key stakeholders
  • EMEA – Professional Services

  • ASPAC – Customer Success

  • US – Global Infrastructure Support

The challenge

During a hiring freeze, the Professional Services team had a large backlog of work impacting revenue. The company required a partner who knew both the enterprise environment and the vendor products to act as a flexible auxiliary workforce to the vendor’s team. 

Client needs

  • Quick, flexible high-quality engineering resources partner, providing burstable resources during peak resourcing or skill shortage.

  • Provide a structured internship program for new graduate talent to bring young staff up to level where they could work on client projects.

  • Being able to work either on time and material or project basis.

  • Ability to invoice in multiple currencies.

Our responsibilities

  • Educate our team on the vendor’s solution.

  • Provide a dynamic number of engineers and project managers.

  • Successfully lead many customer transformation projects.

  • Create a nine-month internship program to help rejuvenate a vendor team.

  • Act as a partner to assist with a variety of vendor issues.

Results achieved

  • Increased vendor revenue without increasing fixed costs.

  • Due to our procedures, templates and ability to mix very senior architects with high-qualified back-office engineers we were highly efficient and price competitive.

  • Successfully trained and mentored graduates allowing them to be productive full-time employees within a professional services team.


Days worked


Continents worked


People deployed


Languages spoken

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