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Everything we do is focused on cloud networking and security for enterprises and we benefit from global relationships that allow us to gain early adopter experience in these technologies. You can be assured that the team addressing your project has both technical expertise and deep knowledge in the challenges of transforming and operating enterprise networks.

We accelerate your ability to form a vision and transform

Every day we work with enterprises, government, and international organisations to realize their network transformations. As solutions architects, we always work directly with the key stakeholders in the enterprise, however our services are often sold by the service provider or vendor. It provides us with high volume, worldwide experience on key networking and security services. Our approach is always to use a few highly skilled individuals with correct automation, rather than people heavy processes. For enterprise that want a direct relationship we expand our activities to include Strategic planning, vendor/provider selection, operational support and audit and targeted improvement plans. We are comfortable giving independent advice, working in best interest of the enterprise to find the best solution.

Relevant Services

Enterprise clients will be most interested in the following services.

Solutions Architecture

Solutions Architecture

Ensuring high quality results with expert requirement gathering and design services.

Network and Security Implementation

Network and Security Implementation

Moving designs from planning into production with automation and smart tooling.

Network and Security Operations

Network and Security Operations

Improving your own operations or undertaking some tasks for you.

Highlighted Case Studies

See how our services delivered practical value to our enterprise clients.

Enterprises rely on Cavell Group to validate direction, provide architectural, design and implementation services and improve their operations.

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Consolidating the vision

The world is moving quickly and it’s not easy to evaluate both the technologies and the diversifying operating models. We hold workshops, interview the stakeholders and help establish a well thought out future state for your cloud networking and security strategy. We can combine commercial and technical skills to give well rounded recommendations and board ready presentation material.

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Implementing in a smart fashion

We don’t employ armies of low skilled people to implement. We have learned the best way to implement is to re-use the experienced designers with support from tooling and perhaps additional trained engineers. Our success rates per site migrated, and ability to accomplish many sites per day with a small team, speak to the advantages of this approach.

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Enhancing or augmenting your operation

We can help assess skills and capabilities necessary to proceed and review key processes.

We look first to make your own team successful with training and tools. Where it makes sense, we can also undertake some or all the operating tasks.

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Selecting the partners

Cavell Group runs well structure selection processes that clearly establish requirements, scoring methodologies and handles the logistics of vendor/service provider interaction during the process.

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Designing the technical solution and migration plan

We augment your team to settle on high level design and migration plan. We can then take execute the necessary templates and low-level designs to bring efficiency and quality to the migration

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Auditing and improving

Cavell Group is well versed both on legacy technologies and the new cloud services. We can audit and identify issues in your current deployment and work with team on a realistic improvement plan.

Powerful Outcomes

The actions we recommend deliver powerful outcomes for your business. We also provide hands-on expertise to ensure successful outcomes and deliver tangible results that advance your position in the marketplace.


Alignment among stakeholders

Affecting change requires buy-in and alignment across all teams and management levels. Cavell Group uses proven techniques to make you more effective in working with the stakeholders and gaining management and board buy-in. A solid foundation prior to change programs accelerates the time to completion and probability of success.


Clear path from vision to execution

Augmenting your team with Cavell Group’s industry expertise and analytical skills allows you to increase clarity and quality in all aspects of the planning process from As-IS documentation to future vision to detailed design and migration plan. We view our job as to enable your vision, listening carefully to all your stakeholders and only adding our point of view where it can help illuminate choices or avoid mistakes.


Efficient and timely implementation

Technology cycles are shortening and the last thing you can afford is implementation plans extending to many months. The time spent upfront with Cavell Group in planning is rewarded with quick implementation even in global large-scale networks. And most importantly quality is high reducing re-work and early operational inefficiencies.


Independence from service providers and vendors

The architecture we increasingly see deployed is internet first using hyperscaler network capabilities and fights hard for ability to both upgrade and downgrade at will. This requires some independence from both the managed service providers and technology vendors to get the balance right. Cavell Group can help structure the engagements so that you gain from the providers resources and global reach at the same time protecting your future state vision.

Searching for a more efficient path to transform your networks?

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