Out-task and automate: an alternative to outsourcing

The all or nothing approaches of outsourcing and fully managed service often don’t fit the pace of change and the enterprises business strategy. Cavell Group provides services to improve Service Providers’ operating model, automate & simplify operations, and undertake certain operating tasks on behalf of the client.

Our network operating support consists of

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Operating Model Improvement

Whether you are planning transformation to support new technology or simply want to improve current operations we help both service providers and enterprises enhance their operations. We help service providers realize the co-management models enterprise demand. We conduct skill assessments, define key tasks and processes, outline path to automation or elimination of steps and review tooling for OSS.

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Embedded Engineers

Whether it is resident engineers for vendor professional services or seconding an engineer to early adoption teams, we can greatly speed operational and user adoption by embedding expertise next to the clients’ teams that will take long term responsibility.

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Out-tasking & Enhanced Visibility

We can take over monitoring and incident escalation and resolution, host and manage the controllers and management components, design customised dashboards and visibility for specific teams and tasks. We nearshore and use expertise, visibility and automations to make our solutions economically attractive.

Highlighted Case Studies

Discover how our services helped organisations across the value chain of our industry.

Seamless network and security operations support

Our operations portfolio encompasses a range of services designed to optimize network and security operations. 

It’s time to re-think operations, let Cavell Group help you transform.

Accelerating your transformation

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